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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Window Expressions

I have this uncanny penchant for windows...

especially beautiful, open or filled with a fusion of floral. The aura of mystery they evoke captures my attention and intrigue. 

This fact was evident as I sorted some photos recently.. Come join me as we peek into a few of the many I photographed this past summer in Old Montreal, Quebec and area...

                                                              love the romance this exudes..
                                                 and the simplicity here..

                                                          charming perfection..

an invitation waits

simply enthralled 

a poetic soul must live here..

also here...

I picture musical notes drifting out of these windows, or lyrical laughter floating away on the breeze.
They speak volumes inaudibly. The message is gentle, but strong.
Live free. Life is much too short.


  1. lovely! I'm eyeing my window-sill and thinking a dashing pot of tulips...pink, maybe with a backdrop of snow!

    1. Oh that would be pretty...I know I'm eyeing my window sill too...time for the Christmas cactus to go.

  2. I have a thing for windows too, Lucy. Some of these are very cool. I love the picture with the red flowers and bottle of wine. And of course, the one of you peeking out the window is sweet.


  3. Beautiful, and very romantic! Thank you for visiting me Lucy. I love jugs and pitchers too, and they are perfect for flower arranging. Love Linda x


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