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Friday, 3 May 2013

The Reality Of A Day...


Happy beginning of May. This morning at breakfast my kids were reflecting on how quickly the school year is flying by, and that in two more months summer holidays will be here...

One per customer...
here is my arbour...I planted wisteria by it last year...

I dream of this....

A wisteria-draped arbor beckons visitors to enter this striking garden. |  Photo: Jennifer Cheung | Take the tour @ thisoldhouse.com

               I want to plant lavender this year,   like this.......






but right now it looks like this....

DREAMS....spring time was surely the inventor of them. The season of hope, new life and beginnings. I became a mother first and second in the spring.
I grew into it while my children grew up:)

We plan,wish and dream...    our gardens,    weddings,  vacation, on and on

Without a dream a man perishes...says Proverbs 6:2.

So dream with your eyes open,while you plant those seeds in the dirt, 
know this is not futile work. 
Life is all about dreaming,and planting and reaping...
Dream as you gaze at those bride magazines,and you picture the perfect dress while you wait patiently for God to bring the perfect man.
Dream about the beaches you will visit and the campfires you will have and the full moon rising in the silent sky.

Then do those dreams...
We say thank-you  for the dreams, when we cultivate our own corner.
When we bake that pie for our neighbour, or wave to the mailman,and pick the flowers, all this so seemingly insignificant but as the years accumulate we can begin to see what matters most is often the most common.We see it is the moments we are choosing to live fully that matter most.
 We see that either everything is Divine, or it is all ordinary.
We must choose; for the One who has ordained each day never designed ordinary.never anything but perfect design.



564-the weather finally!565-trampoline bouncing,566-brunch with friend today,567-job prospects for oldest,568-weeding,edging,planning,569-tractors in fields,570-good health.571-stacks of folded laundry,572-comments on children's courtesy,573-opportunity to help my mother-in-law.



  1. Hello Lucy...Love your arbor. So pretty! Oh, wouldn't you LOVE to have that much lavendar, too? Soooooo lovely. Thanks for the nice post. Susan

  2. Happy May to you too Lucy!!!
    Awww a peek into your world...it looks and sounds gorgeous where you are, and your heart is full of love xo
    I love that last quote! Oh and that lavender...I grew it one year and it was lovely...it hasnt come up again though...but the scent...heavenly!
    Lve your arbour...they are so romantic!
    Hugs and love to you!!!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo


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