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Friday, 17 May 2013

A Happy Ending To A Sad Week

                        NEWS FLASH...
Stopping in the midst of a busy day to let  you sweet and caring blogging friends know; that our dog whom was missing for the week is back home safe and sound.
Thank-you so much for your kind comments and prayers. It is truly a humbling privilege to be able to connect this way.

Thank-you Marie, for taking time from your work to call me.

here he is after his rendezvous.....not saying too much and I'm not asking:)
just happy that we get to enjoy his company again and I hope he's fulfilled his wanderlust and is ready to settle down.

I have a feeling we'll all sleep good tonight ( and my daughter's tummy won't hurt:)

Neighbour is not he who I find in my path,but rather 
 he in whose path I place myself, he whom I approach 
       and actively seek. (Gustavo Gutierrez)

 You all feel like my neighbours and I wish you a     happy weekend  xo.


  1. I kept getting up-dates from the kids...glad he is home:) Is he smirking?!

    1. I think so:) sometimes I wish he could talk.

  2. Happy! Happy! Glad to know:)

  3. Hi Lucy,

    Wow! So glad you found your sweet furry friend, again! I went back a few posts and could truly feel your anguish!


  4. Lucy!!! Absolutely wonderful!!!!!! \0/
    I am so happy for all of you!!!!!
    Praise God!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo


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