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Monday, 13 May 2013

Waste Not A Good Example

        a few treasures from my Mother's Day...hope you have some too...                         

I had a very frugal mother, or should I say resourceful. She knew how to turn a few, bland leftovers, into a delicious meal.
She could take a piece of fabric and sew a dress, that could be adjusted for five girls.
She mended and patched clothing others would have replaced.
I try to emulate this trait in my own way. it might be a slightly different format, but I could never discard the principle of her example.
My mother was an excellent example of knowing how to serve others with joy and unselfishness.
Yesterday at our Mother's Day service at church our speaker encouraged us to never undermine the power of small but mighty deeds and a good example.
He used the story of Timothy and how through the example of his mother and grandmother he went on to be a disciple of Jesus.

Sometimes it is easy to walk the path of regret or feel like effort is a waste of time....and we have nothing that can be used or valued....
 this song  talks about the broken and so called wasted parts of life and how Jesus can take it all and make it beautiful.


The perfect mother is an illusion. It does not exist. I am thankful that in God's eyes  accomplishments and  failures are the same,  and  both can  be turned into  beautiful works of art.


       the card from my youngest....she added Three Things You Should Never Ask Your Mother.....1-say you're bored...(she'll find work for you) 
                           2-say you're hungry...(she'll give you something healthy)
                           3-say you're tired...(she'll say go to bed.)

and when you give her this card she will laugh:)) I love that crazy kid...:)

 I apoologize that this post may sound rather scattered;My mother's amazing example and my glaring imperfections mixed;somehow it came out like this... I guess that is the way love and life are at times...thank-you for grace!

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  1. Lucy,
    There's nothing more special than homemade cards, drawings, or paintings from our children. You will treasure these always. You are such a good mom, as your own mother passed this on to you.



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