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Monday, 27 May 2013

The Worth In Words

WORDS.......thinking about words. Thinking about the power they hold.
Imagine a world without them. Sometimes I wish I could retrieve mine.Words that came out wrong,words that should not have been uttered.
Sometimes I am glad I spoke the words I did. Thankful for the Spirit's guiding in tact and letting me bless and encourage someone who needed to hear words. 
I think I forget the power of words until I've been wounded by them.Then again the lack of words can also be hurtful. 
So much power in our words....and our perception of them.

May the words I speak this week be from you Lord. Season them with your grace and kindness. Make them rich with the hope found in you. Make my ears deaf to words that would discourage or tear down. May I hear the words that are spoken, and may my heart listen before I respond with words of my own.

began this book recently...don't get a lot of time to read this time of year,but I am finding it to be one of those
that will keep me up at night...
still counting gifts abundant...

the scent of lilacs on my bike ride,575-the skies canvas,576-my children,577-being a mother,578-my husband,579-that they love to give gifts,580-trees in blossom,581-visiting greenhouses,582-praying through some tough situations,583-a God who cares about "little things,"584-kids who are diligent with homework,585-my mother,586-selling birdbaths,587-friends who call,588-kids with God-sized dreams,589-baking at night sometimes,590-spontaneity,591-artists of the every day,592-daughter reading Bible at the table in the morning,593-the wedding we were at recently,594-the three reunions we were at the last two days,595-community and all it's facets,596-the way the past defines me,597-the way it doesn't,598-our youth group in our barn watching a movie,599-the strength in numbers sometimes,600-more weddings coming up,601-sunny decks to sit on and visit sister's family,602-other people's excitement,603-freedom to live in peace with our neighbours.

                                    the bleeding heart must be the most vulnerable of all flowers....


  1. Oh yes Lucy..I've been thinking about words too.
    And the power to bless, encourage, heal, and bring hope.
    This is beautiful and so are you my friend.
    And oh I love the bleeding heart flower. It is such an amazing reality of how hearts can and do bleed. May we, as His handmaidens be the ones to bring healing and His love to those whose hearts need it so.
    Love and warm hugs to you this day xo

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxox

    1. thank you Deborah,your comments are so thoughtful and sweet. They always make my day:)

  2. Hi Lucy,

    A post full of wise and wonderful words, indeed! A lot to think about and evaluate here regarding these magical tools of mankind, which, when accented by tone, colour, decibel and inference, have the incredible ability to transform like the stroke of a wand!

    Flowers, like this delicate Bleeding Heart, are in fact, exposed to such vulnerability, and yet, this is also a trait that defines their beauty.

    Thanks for sharing!


    1. Oh Poppy,that comment is beautiful!!! LOVE the words you used! I agree totally.

  3. Lucy,
    I really related to your post today, as I am always telling my family that "words are powerful, so be careful what you say." Yes, words can be a blessing, and they can harm too. Thank you for reminding me of this. It is always good to remember.

    Have a sweet day.



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