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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

A Tale Of Two Sisters


Once there was a mother. She had two daughters. She loved them very much.

        They were as different as night and day...


    But one thing they shared was a bedroom and it was a royal mess!


Another favorite - Messy Room

This caused their mother many deep sighs when she would venture bravely into their domain.

Their mother recalled a favorite story when these two were little...

Their mother wondered what she could do to motivate her daughters to live more neatly and how to encourage them to use drawers and hangers for intended purposes.


She considered charts. She considered fines. She considered threats like taking away phone.


She considered dropping the matter, after all when there is so many bigger tragedies and trouble in life a messy room seems rather insignificant.

But than she did what all concerned mothers would do. 
She asked her friends if they've ever had similar issues,and if they did what did they do about it?
She  wrote a blog post about it; and she felt a lot better.



  1. somehow seeing this makes me feel better today:) Two girls with a lot of stuff makes for lots of 'grace-opportunities' doesn't it? I need to get that quote framed!

  2. Thanks Janet...yes grace and perspective,right?

  3. So typical of girls and such a sweet spirit has their mama..xo

  4. I had a messy room in high school. My grandmother would come stay at our house during the day while mom was at work and every once in awhile she would 'help' me out by cleaning my room..ugh. It looked better but it was not me, it seemed that she cleaned 'me' right out of it.

    They will probably organize it when they get in the mood. Sorry if I'm not much help. Good luck. xo

  5. My bedroom still looks like that often times.
    Love & hugs!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxo


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