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Friday, 10 May 2013

Post Card Pithiness



Few things in life are quite as special as leafing through a pile of mail... bills,flyer's and junk mail and seeing a bright post card in the midst.

There is just something so heart warming,to know that while on vacation, this dear person took time to let you know they were thinking about you...

A post card seems personal. This is rather ironic when you think about the fact that anyone could have read it, due to the fact it isn't in an envelope. 
Such a simple message but somehow it feels profound....
the flowers are just so beautiful here...tomorrow we are taking the train to Germany...
What is so rare and unique about that?

Could it be that in this fast paced day and age of text messaging, email and face book, we crave personal connections even more?
Is hand writing really going to be a lost art?
Will my children write letters to their children, on Ipads or who knows what by then?
Or will everything come round full circle; and will my grand children be amazed at the fact that you can pick up a telephone and dial a number to actually talk with someone in person??

I can't even imagine how technology will keep on changing....but one thing I know....humanity hasn't changed... people need people...
                   and man will continue to find ways 
        to reach out and connect with one another.

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Happy Friday...stand a little taller...reach a little farther....
         gaze a little longer and love a little more.L. M.

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