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Friday, 24 May 2013

A Medley Of May

I wanted to share a few pictures with you....(sorry in advance...there's a few more than I thought...)
I think the month of May is so lovely....
Everything seems to be bursting with energy and froth:)

              rhubarb....love it ,or too sour for you? either way I have to bake something...
the trees are making up for last year...                               

           me and my girls...(Mother's Day)

greenhouses call my name...
                         and charming houses..
             morning sunshine...
          happy sisters...(prom dress purchased:)
Do you like it Mom?Yes, I love it" (and I'm so glad the search is over, and you found the vintage dress you wanted!)

something new for me this year....LAVENDER.... I have been intrigued- so I am excited to see what happens... 
making music....
a bike excursion...
at Niagara On The Lake..

our newly planted corn field receiving a deluge of rain this week....

Much love to you on your weekend...May it be memorable in all the right ways....and for everything else...there's always ice-cream!


  1. I love the vintage dress!!! xo

  2. Gorgeous photos....have a lovely weekend:)

  3. Hello Lucy! And a beautiful weekend to you too!
    Love your lovely thoughts and photos on May. It really is a gorgeous month!
    I absolutely adore Niagara on the Lake too! We go there every summer and I always, always, always hate to leave!
    Love to see your sweet family and hear about what brings you joy!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxoxoox

  4. Hi Lucy....Got caught up on your blog posts. SO HAPPY the doggie returned home. Naughty boy for giving you all such a scare.

    I bought the book about the messy rooms when our kids were little, too. News flash! They are all grown up now and amazing as it seems, they are both NEAT! ha! Miracles never cease.

    Lucy, thanks for your visits and comments. Have a nice holiday weekend. Susan

  5. Hi Lucy,
    What a beautiful compilation of photos and thoughts. You have a lovely family and your kitchen/muffin picture at the top looks like it belongs in a magazine.
    Thanks for visiting Bible Love Notes. I will be praying for you requests.


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