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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Plant A Garden,Nurture A Soul

The other day I planted my vegetable  garden.
 I dug deep, and put down seeds.
The day offered near perfect weather. Sunny and not too windy. No racing against thunder clouds like last year. No small window of time to hurry this sacred opportunity. I had cleared my schedule for this important occasion.

No, I haven't planted everything yet...that would be presumptuous.For even though it feels like summer now, weather is unpredictable, and I've learned it is wise to wait for consistent warmth.
I think it is appropriate that gardening and Mother's day intersect with one another.
For is their anything quite so synonymous with being a mother as gardening?
Both require much surrender to conditions and situations we can not see..
Both require faith beyond our own circumstance to believe that we can plant seeds, but we can not make them grow.

Gardens like children must be nurtured. Neglect is not an option,if we are truly passionate about the results.
Our fortitude will be tested on both fronts.
There really is so little we can control.
But when we live in each wonderful moment...
when we accept that this is a task that requires monumental grit, and resilience much greater than ourselves...
We can bask in the bittersweet journey of having, holding, loving and growing.
We can become stronger and more passionate individuals, as we release and relinquish to whatever the season holds.


As I unwound from the rigours of the day...I came across this documentary on gardening.... I'd likely watch it simply for his charming accent:) but I also found it FASCINATING to see the many kinds of gardens and know that
gardening is so much more than boundaries, culture or climate.....
I love what he says at the end of this clip...
Gardens are not about plants as much...they are about people....

The person who plants a garden feels that he has done something good for the world.C D Warner

The home gardener is part scientist,part artist,part philosopher,
part plowman. He modifies the climate around his home. J R Whiting

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  1. I wish I were a better gardener. I do so love the idea of having a garden. xo!


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